The Latest in broadcast technology comes to VCS Radio in March 2017 

Swiftly and quietly, radios are being equipped with a special chip designed for a new technology that will bring many more channels of music and news free of charge in digital HD quality. This chip has been sitting dormant --- waiting for the new service to begin... It's starting soon and VCS Radio Is one of the HD Radio pioneers of this exciting technology!! 

Have an older radio? No worries!! VCS Radio will work just as it always has. 

How do you know if your radio is HD equipped? You'll know when you see this symbol: 

You don't have to do anything special -- It just begins as soon as you tune in! Your radio has awakened to a new era of digital communication!! In March, VCS Radio will sound cleaner, crisper and three new channel choices will show! That's right! 100.9 will not just be one station. There will be a choice of HD1, HD2, and HD3 --- all on 100.9 

KVCB NEW 100.9 Channels: 

With a standard FM Radio everything is still as usual... GREAT RADIO! 

FM   -   VCS Radio 
-- All the radio you've come to love -- great music; talk shows; sports; arts; world news; LIVE community and school event coverage and more... just as it's always been -- programmed by our own VCS Students 

If you have a an HD equipped radio, these are the channels you will get on 100.9 -- 
 Channels (coming end of March 2017) 

HD1 - VCS Radio - Main Channel 
-- All of the same great student programming of VCS Radio FM, but in crystal clear  HD Radio digital sound. 

HD3 - VCS Radio - Sound Art Central  
--- A unique channel with 24 hours of sound art produced and composed by our own VCS students in collaboration with professional music and sound art producers! 

HD2 - VCS Radio - School Connect  
--- Everything VCS!!!  24 hours of VCS news bulletins; schedules for sports events; live student concert information and other school events as well as VCS Radio broadcast previews. The information is all here at the touch of a button!


It all starts March 2017!!
more information is in the way...