Answering your questions

Will VCS Radio Broadcast over the Christmas break? 

Yes, VCS Radio Broadcasts 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year! 

How many shows are on VCS Radio? 
Currently VCS Radio is broadcasting over 1200 student produced programs as well as daily live shows --- PLUS public service announcements --- weekly VCS chapels --- hourly world news updates --- local weather forecasts twice each hour --- accurate local time --- live VCS sports coverage --- and live city meeting and local event coverage. VCS Radio also participates in the national, state and local alert systems for weather and other emergencies that affect Vacaville residents. For complete broadcast schedule, . 

I hear city council meetings on VCS Radio. Does VCS Radio have a special contract with the City of Vacaville? 
VCS Radio is committed to public service as a licensed local radio station. VCS Radio students keep that commitment by broadcasting Vacaville City Council and Planning Commission meetings LIVE as well as other events such as the recent Merriment on Main Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration. VCS Radio appreciates the support of the City of Vacaville in allowing our students to serve in this capacity! 

Does VCS Radio have student radio programs available for download? 
Sometimes, but many can't be made available for internet download due to various copyright restrictions. 

How does VCS Radio sound so professional? 
Our VCS student broadcasters are just that good!! 

Will VCS Radio cover school sports other than football? 
We can! It requires 2 things -- a quality student broadcast team available to cover the games [we certainly have those] and at least one student play-by-play reporter that understands the game well enough to describe the action as it happens [a bit harder to find]. We've been blessed with exceptionally talented student football reporters. 

When I drive outside of Vacaville, why do I sometimes hear Spanish on 100.9? 
VCS Radio is 100 watts. When you get to the edge of our service signal, sometimes it gets mixed with the interference contour of a high powered distant station (6,000 watts) and if the conditions are right you can hear their  Spanish programming. 

Can VCS Radio get a stronger signal? 
Yes! That's the fun part!! Call or email me if you want to help our students increase VCS Radio's reach!! 707.239.0005