A Great First Month!

"Personality radio" is a tough format. It requires great public speaking and microphone skills. It requires production and technical savvy to keep the momentum and smoothness of transition from prerecorded to live broadcasts.  It requires confidence in subject matter and research. And the biggest challenge is that it's continuous -- 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

In the past month of broadcasting the students at VCS Radio have covered issues from "3-D printed cars" to "how to talk to girls." We've heard music along with discussions about the artists that created it from Miles Davis to the latest Korean pop bands. We've heard students give surprisingly accurate pro sports predictions and listened as these young broadcasters brought us LIVE play-by-play coverage of all Falcon Football league games. We've even joined our school in praise and worship at our elementary, middle and high school chapel broadcasts. Add to that a live city council meeting; PSA's; top-of-the-hour news and some of radio's best classic comedies and dramas and you have a radio station like no other!

And, that's just the first month!! Imagine what's coming up!