10 Things you probably didn't know about VCS Radio

You might be surprised about VCS Radio KVCB 100.9 FM!!

#1 - KVCB got its license in 2014, but the idea actually began from a music exercise for our VCS Radio Conservatory students back in 1997.

#2 - KVCB is now estimated to have an average of 11,280 listens per day.

#3 -  KVCB broadcasts "JOHN 3:16" in Morse code embedded in its radio signal every 60 seconds. To do it, we use frequency shift key modulation (just for fun) and it requires special equipment to detect it.

#4 - KVCB call sign means K - all stations west of the Mississippi River must begin their call sign with a "K."   -----    Vacaville Christian Broadcasting. We wanted to use "KVCS," but it was already assigned to a station in Spring Valley, Minnesota.

#5 - KVCB begins each day at midnight with the National Anthem and has done so since the first day.

#6 - KVCB is one of only 51 radio stations in the world (and the only one in America) that has it's own symphony orchestra ,"The VCS Radio Symphony Orchestra."

#7 - KVCB is one of 181 licensed High School Radio Stations in the United Stated -- one of 12 High school Radio Stations in California.

#8 - KVCB is the first and only high school radio station to adopt HD Radio technology with hybrid digital / analog services including multiple digital channels. More Information Here.

#9 - KVCB founded the first coast-to-coast national high school radio network in history with 19 affiliates across the nation. The network broadcasts a one-hour weekly live show during the school year hosted by several high school radio stations across the country including KVCB.

#10 -  KVCB call letters also happens to be the same four letters as Solano County Nut Tree Airport's  International Civil Aviation Organization ID. There is no actual connection between the airport and our radio station. A few pilot listener fans brought this bit of trivia to us.


BY the way... just in case you were wondering :)

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