Can't make the game on Friday? Watch or listen right here!!

Falcons take on Golden Sierra High School. Join us LIVE from Garden Valley, California!

Friday, October 18th at 7:00 pm

VCS Radio's 5th Birthday!! 

It was five years ago when Our eager students fired up or FM transmitter and broadcast our first words on KVCB. On September 8th, 2014, the Federal Communications Commission granted our license to serve Vacaville! The station was featured in national magazines; syndicated live programming across the country; and became the first high school station world-wide to broadcast with digital HD Radio technology! 

Not a bad beginning!!


Harrison Jones interviews VCS Falcons head coach LIVE from VCS TV Studios ahead of Friday's game!

Note: There were some audio issues, especially during the beginning of the broadcast. This was due to faulty audio compression that had to be fixed on the fly -- that's live TV for you!! It was still nicely done by the VCS Radio students, Harrison Jones And Garrett Kuch. Recorded live September 26, 2019

Credit to the many VCS Radio Conservatory students who helped set up the new TV studio! Excellent first effort!!

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