Thank you for an amazing Radiothon!

All night long and going strong! We finished our 25-hour LIVE celebration with special guest musicians, filmmakers, music from our new vinyl player and much more!

We asked you to donate your extra change in the hopes of raising…


The mystery of hidden broadcasts on FM radio! 

Do big FM radio stations transmit hidden broadcasts inside their radio signal?  

Yes, some do; and not just the big stations. Even here at KVCB; our station broadcasts nine separate services for different purposes all encoded into our radio waves. Most services are designed for the public to receive with the right equipment, but a couple of them are "secret" and just for us! :)  


An invitation to a remarkable concert!

VCS Radio Symphony's live film score: A trip to the Moon
featuring Tchaikovsky's Overture 1812 

VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble's live premiere from their upcoming album 
Including a work considered by many to be impossible to perform; and an original composition. 


3rd, 4th and 5th grade VCS Blues Band Festival February 20th 6:30pm at VPAT

Pictured: Above the stage at Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre

Can Elementary students play the blues???   OH YES!!

The elementary Blues festival February 20th at 6:30pm at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre

VCS Radio Explorer Ensemble - a giant 60-member band of VCS 4th and 5th graders with special VCS 6th grade guests!

Basic Basie

How to Catch a Jewel Thief - (their own composition!)

VCS 3rd Grade Band finishes with their own blues composition complete with many solos and lots of energetic fun!!

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Who are the Work-ahead creative art students?

Pictured --  Saturday creative artists going for the ultimate challenge!

Some kids want to be ahead of the class. They want to advance as far as their talents take them. These are the students that crave an extra challenge. Is there a way to move ahead fast?  OH YES!!!

The VCS Work-Ahead Sessions are a popular way to advance quickly through the achievement levels. They're free mini-lessons weekdays before school and on Saturdays for elementary kids.  after school sessions are reserved for middle and high school. Students get to check off requirements for each page in their conservatory books. Each checked-off book advances the student to the next level.

Advanced levels come with greater opportunities.

Level IV gets solo privileges in the VCS Explorer Ensemble. Level VI artists get to join the VCS Radio Symphony. Level VII artists get to join the VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble. Level VIII is honors level and will award our creative artists 5.0 weighted GPA for high school.

As always -- no need to sign up -- just drop in. 

Here's the Schedule:


Mr. Garza heading to the state of Texas

Pictured above -- Mr. Garza and student artist, Kaden Connelley working on the chops.

Mr. Matt Garza, our long-time trumpet instructor had his last day at the conservatory today. He's moving to his home state of Texas with a great position there -- and for that, we're very happy for him and wish him well! He's an amazing teacher, musician and friend. Our loss is Texas' gain!!